Terms of Registration

CVE reserves the right to move, split or switch the location of an exhibition booth space at any time, without warning or notification. CVE reserves the right to edit the floor plan at any time, without warning or notification. Refunds or compensation will not be made for any changes to the floorplan or exhibition space locations. Refunds for a change in booth size or loss of premium location may be accommodated.

All communications will be distributed from CVE organizing staff to the email address provided by the exhibitor at registration. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the email address is correct, and that SPAM/junk/firewall settings allow these communications. CVE is not responsible for email communications not received for any reason.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all information provided in the application is correct and up-to-date.

Additional Application Terms

  • I understand that my booth must be open and adequately staffed for business during all operating hours of CVE Edmonton.
  • I understand that CVE Edmonton organizers, staff members, and volunteers are not responsible for my merchandise, their safety or whereabouts at any time.
  • I understand that there is a "no refund policy" in place. No refunds will be issued after payment is received, for any reason, including but not limited to: indoor vaping bans due to pending or future legislation, termination as a CVE exhibitor due to violation of terms, or the cancelation/non-fulfilment of a CVE program, sponsorship package term or service for any reason.
  • I agree that I will not sell, trade, give or share my exhibition space in part or in full to another party without prior written approval by CVE organization staff.
  • I accept liability for any loss by damage, fire, theft, or any other causes, during transportation to or from of CVE and for the duration of the event.
  • I understand that wireless Internet IS NOT INCLUDED as a part of my registration fee, though it is available through the venue. If you require Internet, please contact: To Be Announced

I further understand that following, that:

  • Exhibitors may use video screens or displays, but must not interfere with pedestrian traffic at the front of a table/booth, or adjacent aisles. Any fines or charges incurred for doing so are the responsibility of the Exhibitor
  • Exhibitors are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their allotted section and its immediate surrounding area. Any fines or charges incurred for failing to do so are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors and their displays may not encroach on another Exhibitor's space without their permission, or impede another Exhibitor's operations in any way. CVE reserves the right to grant permission for an exhibitor to encroach on another exhibitor's space.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for any damage done to convention center property as a result of their displays, products, staff or operations. Any fines or charges resulting from damage are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors, their staff and their displays may not encroach on public floor space in any way.
  • Exhibitors may not sell or distribute food or drinks to the public under any circumstances. Exhibitors may bring outside food or drinks for themselves and their staff only.
  • Exhibitors' displays may not incorporate music - this includes radios, DJs or video displays that have sound audible from outside the exhibitor's booth. Media that is not audible outside of an Exhibitor's space may be permitted.
  • All e-Liquid sold must have a label clearly identifying its nicotine strength or lack thereof. Any eLiquid provided free of charge as a giveaway, or through a voucher must be distributed in 0mg nicotine only. eLiquid containing nicotine may not be given away to the public free of charge.
  • Exhibitors may not manufacture, mix, flavour or "nic" eLiquid in their booth or on the CVE event floor unless their exhibition space has a certified and approved isolated clean room. Clean rooms must be submitted for review and approval by CVE organizer staff within thirty (30) days following exhibitor registration.
  • Exhibitors may not sell, give away or promote pure nicotine, nicotine base or nicotine for the purposes of DIY in their exhibition space or anywhere within the CVE event without written approval from CVE organization staff.
  • Everyone (including exhibitor staff) entering the event will be ID'd, and those aged 18+ will receive a CVE identification tag. Exhibitors may not sell ANY products to anyone without a CVE identification tag. Exhibitors will advise those without a CVE identification tag to return to the entrance to get one.
  • Each exhibitor is permitted to bring three (3) staff members per exhibition space purchased though more passes are available for purchase.
  • Any person using a staff ID is considered a legal staff member of the company. Exhibitors are responsible for any person or persons using their company's staff IDs, and consequences imposed on staff members are thus applicable to the Exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors are prohibited from using excessively vulgar, racist, discriminating and pornographic language, displays, images, products. The CVE reserves the right to define and rule on the degree to which any material meets these descriptions.
  • Exhibitors are prohibited from bringing, marketing, promoting, selling or giving away products, packaging and/or marketing material that infringe, pass off, emulate, reference or allude to the copywritten, trademarked or intellectual property of other individuals, organizations, corporations, brands or products through images, font's slogans, etc.. Exhibitors or individuals found to be in possession of these prohibited products and/or materials shall be asked to remove them, along with any references to them immediately, for the duration of the event, and be required to sign infraction documentation. Non-compliance will result in the eviction of the individual, their exhibition, and any other parties or materials involved. CVE Edmonton Organizing staff reserves the right to decide and rule on what constitutes a prohibited product or material. All decisions made in this regard are final and Exhibitors are required to act in accordance with them.
  • Violence and escalated altercations will not be allowed on the event floor. Please settle your differences away from the public in a sensible manner. Exhibitors shall report any incidents or injuries to CVE staff immediately.
  • Exhibitors may not throw, toss or otherwise distribute products to a crowd at random. All giveaways must be done with approval and/or supervision from CVE staff. Exhibitors may distribute vouchers or tickets to attendees, which may be exchanged for prizes, but these vouchers must be made available to all attendees.
  • CVE reserves the right to immediately eject any exhibitor or their staff for violating any of the above terms, or on the violation of any municipal, provincial or federal laws without warning or written notice. adherence to municipal, provincial or federal laws is the responsibility of the exhibitor and CVE takes no responsibility for any repercussions incurred by exhibitors.
  • CVE reserves the right to eject any exhibitor or their staff for any other reason without warning or written notice.
  • There will be no refunds for exhibitor tables. This includes early ejection from CVE for the violation of rules, any potential federal/provincial/municipal indoor vaping regulations, or for any other reason not covered explicitly in this agreement.
  • By registering for CVE Edmonton, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the entirety of the terms above.